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Smarter Home Sales have a range of different solutions that have helped clients in many different situations to complete a fast sale on their property without any hassle, estate agents, legal or surveyor’s fees.
We offer a personalised and confidential service that caters to your needs and particular circumstances.
Typically, the average UK household generally takes between 5 to 10 months to complete and on average 30% of agreements fail to complete for different reasons including Broken Chains, Finance, Decision Change and Market conditions. There are many reasons why you may need a fast property sale.

Below is a sample of situations that Smarter Home Sales have helped their clients with:

Financial Difficulties Relocation
Landlord wanting a Quick Sale Divorce
Repossessions Illness
Broken Chain Bereavement


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Financial Difficulties:

If you are facing problems with financial difficulties including Mortgage Arrears, loans, overdrafts, credit card bills, hire purchasing, leasing, second charges on your home or other debts, we can help. By being able to sell your house quickly these pressure debts can be removed very quickly and you are able to move on with your life, avoiding court proceedings and a damaged credit file.


Being repossessed with the threat of losing your home and all the available equity is distressing. The worry about being evicted is stressful. Smarter Home Sales are able to intervene to stop repossession and halt the proceedings in order to produce one of our specific solutions to your problem. It is never too late to stop a repossession, from our experience we have saved many families and individuals from repossession even at the final stages. If you are facing repossession contact us today.

Broken Chain:

If you are currently stuck sitting in a chain or in a broken chain where the buyer you were relying to purchase your property or other buyer has pulled out, Smarter Home Sales can help. We pride ourselves on helping customers to sell their properties fast and without the stress, delay and cost of selling on the open market. We can act very quickly and can complete on your property transaction within a very short timescale thereafter.


Redundancy is a stressful enough time and owning a property can make things even harder to cope with. If you have no savings, then this can lead to defaults on all your outstanding credit, leading to a bad or adverse credit rating, and in extreme cases, bankruptcy.


If you're thinking of relocating or emigrating then we can take the stress out of selling your house.

This will leav you free to concentrate on planning your move. You can then relocate or emigrate in your own time without the worries of having to find a buyer that fits in with your timescale.

If you are relocating or emigrating then contact us today.


Divorce or separation is a difficult period in anyone's life but having to deal with selling a house on top of relationship difficulties can make it far more stressful. There are many reasons listed below why you might choose Smarter Home Sales to buy your house if you are facing divorce or separation.

• Fast financial settlement
• Move on in your personal life
• Make a clean break
• Stay in your home and keep your family settled

Smarter Home Sales offers a personalised service that will work with you to find the best solution that suits your circumstances. If you wish to remain in your home and clear mounting debts and mortgages then we can help you with this.


If you are suffering from a serious, long term or terminal illness we can help you deal with the worries caused by your health. In achieving a fast sale we can quickly release cash to help you pay for private care, expensive operations, medical bills or private nursing care.


If after a recent bereavement you now have responsibility for a property, we offer a quick and efficient way to sell without incurring additional costs or stress. Smarter Home Sales can discretely and professionally help with all the legal and financial aspects of selling a property.

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Landlord wanting a Quick Sale

If you are a landlord with property investments you may want to use Smarter Home Sales.

We offer a fast, efficient and friendly service to help remove the stress of a troublesome property or if you have a large portfolio we can also help in unwinding some or all of your investments.

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