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Smarter Home Sales offers the following benefits in providing you with a fast house sale:
Fast House Sale
Free Advisory Service No Obligation
Free Legal Costs, No Estate Agent Fees, No Hidden Fees
Repossessions Stopped
Fast and Efficient Service
Peace of Mind
Confidential and Private Service

Smarter Home Sales vs Estate Agent 

How Smarter Home Sales compares to Estate Agents


Smarter Home Sales

Estate Agent

Fast House Sale

NO Guaranteed Sale

Fast Completions

Average 4-5 months sale

No Broken Chains

Broken Chains

Buy Back Option

NO Buy Back Option

Repossession Help

NO Repossession Help

NO Fees

Expensive Fees

FREE Legal Fees

Expensive Legal Fees

Move when you want

Move out when sold

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Fast House Sale

As a independent buyer for your property, we can provide you with a fast house sale, pay cash for your home and aim to complete the purchase of your property within very short timescales. We operate throughout the UK from London to Londonderry so where ever you are we can help.
Free Advisory Service – No Obligation
We provide a free no obligation advisory service to discuss your specific situation and requirements, we then work closely with you to provide a tailored made solution to meet your needs. Every case to taken on an individual basis and our first priority is to help and advise you with your specific situation.
Free Legal Costs, No Estate Agent Fees, No Hidden Fees
There are no hidden costs, we pay for the survey and your legal fees up to £500 when you use our recommended solicitors which typically covers all transaction costs, including survey charges, commissions or estate agent fees.
Repossessions Stopped
Our team of experts can help stop repossession, even if it is at a late stage and you have received a repossession order we may be able to help stop the repossession with a fast house sale. In addition, if you struggling financially to pay your mortgage, credit cards, bills and any other secured and non-secured loans? We can help with advice on your debts and mortgage arrears in order to prevent your house repossession and allowing your property sale to go through.
Fast and Efficient Service
We can very act fast to exchange contracts and complete on your property transaction within a very short timescale. We understand that time may be of the essence for you and so we are focused on providing you with a fast house sale and putting you back in control.
Peace of Mind
We have a team of experts including our recommended solicitors that work with us to ensure that your property transaction is handled in the fastest possible fashion. Our professional team will help manage the sale process from beginning to end, helping take away the stress of the sale and keeping you fully informed along the way. The service is fast and efficient and nobody will know that you have sold your home.
Confidential and Private Service

Our services are 100% confidential and all calls and information are treated in a strict sensitive and confidential manner.

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