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Need to Sell Your House Fast?


At Smarter Home Sales we specialise in helping customers to sell their house fast fast, without the stress, delay and cost of selling on the open market. 

As a independent buyer for your property, we can pay you cash for your house and aim to complete the purchase of your property within a very short timescale.  We have on many occasions completed quick house sales in as little as 28 days and as a result, this will allow you to sell your house fast and move on with your life. We operate throughout the UK from London to Londonderry so where ever you are we can help you sell your house fast.

We provide a free no obligation advisory service to discuss your specific situation and requirements, we then work with you to provide you with a no-obligation tailored solution to meet your property needs.

On acceptance of our offer we can act quickly and look to complete on your quick property sale within a timescale that is both suitable and convenient for you. There are no fees, no survey charges, no commissions, no estate agents or hidden costs of any kind. We even pay your legal fees up to £500 when you use our recommended solicitors.


Benefits of Selling Your House Fast with Smarter Home Sales

  Sell House Fast    - Move on with your life quickly

  No Survey Fees           - Put more money back in your pocket 

  No Estate Agents        - Cut the timely delays of dealing with Estate Agents

  No Commissions         - Save on unnecessary added commissions  

  No Hidden Costs         - Know exactly what your costs are and take control

   Legal Fees Paid         - Forget the worry of paying for expensive solicitors 

Sell your house fast with Smarter Home Sales, its simple and you’re under no obligation.

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