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In today’s property market selling your home at the best of times can be a long process but achieving a quick property sale takes a lot more effort and has become more difficult in recent months.  In fact the average time a house now takes to sell has gone up to 102 days with less buyers now actively looking.   

 Taking these factors into consideration there are some specific measures you can take to attract the right buyers and get your property sold.  Below I have included my top five tips for achieving a quick property sale.

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Quick Property Sale Tip 1 - Research Your Local Property Market

If you want a successful sale you need to understand your local market, check your local Estate Agent windows and Estate Agent Websites on the Internet to see what similar properties are selling for in your area.  Specifically, check websites that give you information on recent property sale prices to check what properties are actually selling for rather than what they are being marketed for.  All this information will help you decide on the actual real value of your home and therefore what price to advertise your property for.

Quick Property Sale Tip 2 - Arrange Professional Services and Paperwork

It is important to know which companies you will use for your professional services and selling paper work as early as possible to avoid any delays with your sale.  Make a decision whether you will use an Estate Agent or sell you property via a Property Buyer like Smarter Home Sales, using a Property Buyer is always the fastest option.  Also you will need to look at putting together a Home Information Pack which you can do yourself or via a professional company.  You will also need a conveyancing solicitor who can help with the legal aspects of your sale.

Quick Property Sale Tip 3 - Get The Price Right

If you get the price wrong you will price yourself out of the buying market and will make your task of achieving a quick property sale difficult.  The best place to start is with a valuation report by Home Track which gives you access to the same valuation systems used by the mortgage lenders, this will give you a good guide to the real value of your property.  Add to this around 3 valuations from your local Estate Agents and set your price a little lower than the average.  This will give you the advantage over your competing sellers and make sure your property generates lots of interest.   

Quick Property Sale Tip 4 - Prepare Your Property for Viewings

Remember it is Kitchens and Bathrooms that sell houses so these need to be both the highlight and the selling point of your property, ensure these are clean and looking as best as they can.  In other areas of your home maximise the space by clearing any rubbish and clutter and highlight each room to appeal to your perspective buyer. 

Quick Property Sale Tip 5 - Be Open To Negotiations

Your goal in trying to achieve a quick property sale is to secure a buyer that is serious and can move quickly.  Within this there is likely to be some negotiation and if you can be flexible on price to secure the commitment of your buyer and in return for a quick completion this is often worthwhile.

Hope you enjoyed this article, if you wish to sell house fast and do not want the stress or delay of waiting on the open market Smarter Home Sales can help with advice and options. 

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