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Learn How To Get Cash for Your House in 5 Easy Steps



When you need to move quickly and sell your house for cash, many people often come to us at Smarter Home Sales to provide a cash for house sale which ensures a guaranteed sale and cash in your bank within a specific timeframe.

If you are considering using Smarter Home Sales to sell your house the process is very simple and in this article we take you through the 5 simple steps you need to get cash for house quickly.

Simply complete our Quick 3 Step Online Form opposite or contact us on 0208 242 4922 for a Free Valuation and Cash Offer.


Step 1 – Find a Good Property Buying Company

The first step is to find a stable Property Buying Company that can offer you cash for your house.  There are many companies out there but only the most stable ones will have the financial ability to be able to work quickly and to your specified time frame.  At Smarter Home Sales we have completed on many transactions and have one of the best track records in the market of companies that buy houses for cash.

Step 2 – Complete Our Online Enquiry Form

Complete our quick 3 step online form on the right or call us directly on 0208 242 4922, this provides us with details about your property and your current situation, it only takes a few minutes.  We will then work with you to provide you with tailored solution that is specific to your needs and requirements.

Step 3 - Receive Your No Obligation Purchase Offer in Principle

Once you have provided all your details and a suitable solution has been offered we will provide you with a cash for house “purchase offer in principle’ to buy your house for cash. This service is free and you are not under any obligation.

Step 4 - Receive a Written Offer and Begin the Sale Process

If you choose to accept your cash for house 'offer in principle’, you will then be made a full offer in writing.  We will also pay your legal fees up to £500 when you use our recommended solicitors.

Step 5 - Complete the Sale of Your House and Receive Your Cash For House

The last and final step is to complete the sale and for you to receive your cash for your house within the agreed time frame.  When working with a professional company like Smarter Home Sales our professional team including our recommended solicitors will help manage the quick property sale process from beginning to end, helping take away the stress of the sale and keeping you fully informed along the way. The service is fast and efficient and nobody will know that you have sold your house.

Additionally, there are no fees, no survey charges, no commissions, no estate agents or hidden costs of any kind, we only give you what you need, a quick cash for house property sale.

Hope you enjoyed this article, if you wish to sell your house fast for cash and do not want the stress or delay of waiting on the open market Smarter Home Sales can help, contact us today.

For a Free Valuation and Cash Offer, simply complete our Quick 3 Step Enquiry Form on the right of the page or call us free on 0208 242 4922.

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